Waste & Recycling

The Town of Cochrane Zero Waste Framework, in harmony with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan will allow us to achieve our Zero Waste goals through continuous planning and flexible and responsive program implementation. To learn more about the Town of Cochrane’s Zero Waste vision see Toward Zero Waste 2012, our Zero Waste Framework.


The Town of Cochrane Eco Centre, GEEP, CEAC and Bird’s Eye Technologies is inviting all Cochrane schools to participate in our 2015 Cochrane School E-Waste Recycling Challenge. The premise is simple — collect the most e-waste and win $1000 to spend on sustainability initiatives at your school! The challenge runs from September 21 – October 23, 2015.

To support the E-Waste Recycling Challenge drop off your electronics at a participating school: Manachaban Middle School, Cochrane High School, Mitford School, Cochrane Christian Academy, École Notre-Dame Des Vallees, and Holy Spirit Catholic School.

Registration information, promotional ideas and teacher resources can be found at E-Waste Recycling Challenge

Thank you to all of our contest sponsors!
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At their meeting May 25, 2015 Cochrane Council approved moving ahead with an organics diversion strategy, including curbside organics collection, to be implemented in April 2017. Watch  for news and updates.

Seasonal Yard Waste Programs
The Leaves & Grass/Garden Debris Drop Off at the Cochrane Eco Centre runs from April to mid-November each year. The Tree Trimmings & Branches program continues to operate on a year-round basis. Bring us your branches, trimmings and Christmas trees for mulching!

Eco Centre-Spring is here

Reminder the following Cochrane Eco Centre Site Rules Apply:
1. The Seasonal Yard Waste program is not available for commercial firms, landscape or maintenance companies.  

2. Tree trimmings and branches must be sorted separately from grass clippings and leaves, and; deposited into the correct bin. Maximum branch/tree diameter is 15 cm.

3. Yard Waste load sizes are limited to 1/2 a level pick up truck load (standard level 8 ft box)/User/Week due to limited site capacity. The site operator may restrict the acceptance of any load at their discretion if the site capacity is at risk. A reminder that the intention of the Cochrane Eco Centre is to provide recycling drop off services for small volumes of recyclables; large loads should utilize facilities designed to accommodate large loads such as ECCO, City of Calgary Landfills, Cascades Recovery, Recycling Worx and Capital Paper. 

Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Disposal
Dispose of extra bagged household waste and miscellaneous small waste items (broken lawn chairs, old garden hoses etc.) for a small fee: $2 per bag or $20 per level truck load. This program lasts all year.


Food Waste Composting
Bring food waste to the Cochrane Eco Centre where it will be turned into high-quality garden and landscape compost! Acceptable items:
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings and waste
  • Egg shells
  • Tea bags, coffee filters and coffee grounds
  • Pasta, rice, bread
  • Meat bits and bones
Please bring your food waste in a sealed bucket or bag and empty into the designated bin. This program lasts all year.

For additional information see our Food Waste Acceptable Items poster.

Fun Facts
  • Purchase a few excess waste bags ($3 each) at the RancheHouse, Operational Services or the Eco Centre for those times when you may have more than two units of waste.
  • Yard clean-up disposal bins for leaves, grass, branches and tree trimmings are available at the Eco Centre from April to November at no charge.
  • Cochrane is one the few communities that takes Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) for recycling.
  • Bring food waste to the Eco Centre where it will be turned into high quality garden and landscape compost.
  • The new Pay-As-You-Throw program allows residents to dispose of extra bagged household waste for a small fee.