Parks & Open Spaces

Cochrane proudly maintains approximately 9% of its land as parks and open spaces. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy nearly two dozen parks (many with playgrounds), summer fishing in trout ponds, outdoor skating in winter, and over 40 kilometers of pathways all year round.

NEW Off-leash Dog Park


At their March 13 meeting, Council directed Administration to prepare a new design for the proposed dog park in West Valley: Administration will be preparing a new design for south of Quigley Drive along Hwy 22. While this process is underway, no more feedback on the current design will be gathered.

Council directed Administration to bring both designs and costings to Council for decision by the second meeting in June.


As part of the 2012 Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan, the community identified a need for more off-leash dog areas, specifically, a fenced dog park. Town Council approved the budget to build a new park as part of the 2017 budget; construction is scheduled for this spring.

Town staff met with adjacent property owners earlier this year and used their feedback to finalize the design. Implementation take place in two phases: phase one is scheduled for this year. 

Missed the open house? 

Upper Bow River Hazard Study and Flood Hazard Identification Program

March 30, 2016: Update from Government of Alberta on progress which will eventually result in new flood maps.

Fall 2015: Survey crews worked along the Bow River in late 2015, collecting ground elevation data and river channel information to support the creation of a hydraulic model, flood inundation mapping and flood hazard mapping. More info.

Be Flood Ready

The Government of Canada has some great information to help you be flood ready.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is now open! Some final work is still underway; please take care in the area and obey all caution, detour and directional signs.

The June 2013 flood had an impact on the design for the Riverfront Park, resulting in changes to some of the design details. The updated design also incorporated feedback from the community. View more information below:
For more information, contact Suzanne Gaida

No gardening or other activity allowed on Town land

Cochrane takes pride in its parks, pathways and open spaces. No gardening or other activity is allowed on Town land unless authorized. This helps Town staff preserve the natural beauty, native elements and overall integrity of these areas. Property owners who appear to be gardening or otherwise encroaching on a Town park, pathway or open space will be required to remedy the situation at their own expense.

Not sure if you’re encroaching? If it’s outside your fence, it’s Town land.

Encroachment activities include (but are not limited to):
  • Planting/garden add-ons of any sort
  • Mowing/spraying/fertilizing grass
  • Dumping of organic & inorganic material
  • Erecting fences/rock walls etc.
  • Storage of vehicles/equipment    
  • Placement of composters/sheds/bird houses

Department staff

Town staff maintain Town buildings, including the Cochrane RancheHouse. We also partner with community volunteers and developers to establish and maintain new parks and public spaces.

The Parks and Open Spaces team is made up of seven staff members, with approximately 20 additional seasonal staff each summer.

There are over 50 kilometers of paved and red shale walking pathways within the Town.
You can call the facility status line any time for status updates on sports facilities: 403-851-2552.