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Posted on: March 15, 2018


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The Town of Cochrane has less snow on the roads today, thanks to a special effort from Roads crews last week.
This winter’s weather meant more snow than usual, creating difficulty for waste collection vehicles, obstacles for emergency responders and worries about spring melt creating flood conditions.
“The accumulation of snow was a significant concern for us,” say Mayor Jeff Genung. “The Roads team developed a plan to use reserve funds to remove some of the snow, plow some and set us up to be ready for the spring melt.”
The Town hired 34 contractors who worked with the 11 Roads staff members for six days starting March 5, eight hours each day, to clear snow from 100 cul-de-sac bulbs and plow the middle of all residential streets.
The Town’s regular process for the snowy months is part of the Snow and Ice Control Policy: snow is plowed first from emergency routes, followed by arterial thoroughfares, collectors, designated hills and roads commonly used by emergency response personnel, the industrial area, and residential intersections connecting with arterial thoroughfares and collectors. Residential streets are not usually plowed.
The special snow clean-up required $159,000 from the Roads reserve, not including staff time and use of existing Town equipment. A total of 1,250 tandem loads of snow were hauled to snow dumps.
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