When is my waste and recycling collection day?
Please read the residential collection map.

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1. What time do I need to put out my waste and recycling for collection?
2. When is my waste and recycling collection day?
3. What if my regularly scheduled collection day falls on a statutory holiday?
4. Why is there a limit on curbside residential waste collection?
5. What if I have more waste than fits in the waste cart?
6. What is a unit of waste?
7. My waste or recycling wasn't picked up. What do I do?
8. I had set my waste out for collection and the birds have scattered it all over, what should I do?
9. Can I throw my waste loose inside my waste container?
10. What items cannot be put out for waste collection?
11. What can I put in my waste cart?
12. What can I put in my recycling cart?
13. What if I have more recycling than fits in the recycling cart?
14. What if I have recycling that’s not accepted in the cart?
15. Can I recycle my used coffee cups?
16. What do I do with meat trays, egg cartons and foam take-out containers?
17. What can I do with my Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene)?
18. What if my cart goes missing?
19. Where do I need to store my cart?
20. If I move, can I take my cart with me?
21. I just moved and there are no carts at my new house. How do I get new carts?
22. Is there curbside recycling collection in Cochrane?
23. What fees are associated with waste and recycling in Cochrane?
24. I have appliances to dispose of, where can I take them?
25. Where can I buy a backyard composter?
26. Where is the bottle depot located?
27. I am a business owner looking for a waste collection company, what are the names of the waste collection companies that could provide that service to me ?
28. Where can I take papers to be shredded ?