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Operations Request

  1. Please note: Town staff work Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm. We read all requests, assess and deal with them in priority order.
    Is your request actually a question about a Town process or service? Check our FAQ page for answers!

  2. • Broken/missing stop sign: 403-851-2590
    • Sewer backup: 403-851-2590
    • Water quality: 403-851-2590
    • Watermain break: 403-851-2590

  3. Hwy 1A and 22 issues including traffic lights and maintenance (Volker Stevin for Alberta Transportation)
    Street lights (Fortis)
    Railway crossings and other issues (CP Rail)

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    Other Town requests:
    Bylaw request
    Waste, recycling or organics collection inquiry

    24-Hour information
    • Outdoor Facility Status: 403-851-2552
    • If it rained recently and you have water collecting near your house, you might be near a trap low.
    Waste & Recycling: 403-851-2277

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    All requests are assessed by staff and dealt with in priority order.

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