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Cemetery Master Plan feedback

  1. 2. What are the top three features that you think the Town should include as part of future cemetery improvements? *

    Please choose three.

  2. 4. Green Burial is an interment option that involves no embalming, and burial in a simple biodegradable casket or container. *

    Would you consider Green Burial if it was available at Cochrane Cemetery?

      1. 5a. Columbaria (buildings with niches for urns)*

      2. 5b. Scattering garden*

      3. 5c. Family vessels (large 2’ high vessels in which urns are nested or cremated remains are comingled)*

          1. 6. Would you consider interment in a columbaria garden if this option was made available at the St. Andrew’s Cemetery?

              1. 7. Is an inscription on a memorial wall an option your family might choose, even for those buried elsewhere?*

                  1. 1 = not important, 4 = very important

                  2. 8a. Walking paths*

                  3. 8b. Rest areas, benches and viewpoints*

                  4. 8c. Trees, horticultural features*

                  5. 8d. Ceremonial / gathering space*

                  6. 8e. Sculpture/ public art*

                  7. 9. In general, do you support the proposed upgrades to the Cochrane cemetery?*

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