Annual Licence Renewals

All annual business licences invoices are mailed in December. According to the Business Licence Bylaw, invoices not paid prior to February 1 will be levied a flat rate penalty of $30.  

MAKE PAYMENT   (Invoice number required) 

Business Licence Updates

Please verify all information on your invoice is correct. If there are any changes to your mailing address, ownership, or physical location, you can submit these changes by completing the Update Business Licence online form or contact us.

Terminated Businesses

If your business has terminated operations, please contact us or complete the online Statutory Declaration form, declaring that you do not intend to carry on business or own a business within Cochrane's town limits.

Statutory Declaration

Whereas the Municipal Council for the Town of Cochrane deems it expedient to register businesses within the Municipality under the Town of Cochrane Bylaw 22/2018. Under the terms of this declaration the following definitions apply.

 "Town means:

  • the Municipal Corporation of the Town of Cochrane in the Province of Alberta, and or the area contained within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Cochrane, as the context may require.

"Business" means:

  • a commercial, merchandising or industrial activity or undertaking a profession, trade, occupation, calling or employment or an activity providing goods or services, however organized or formed, including a co-operative or association of persons.

 "Carry on" means:

  • operate, perform, keep, hold, occupy, deal in, use, or continue.

 "Resident Business" means:

  • a Business that is based within the Town.

The Statutory Declaration form is to be filled out after the bylaw has been read and fully understood. For any questions please feel free to contact the Town of Cochrane Business Licensing.

Making Payments for Business Licence Renewals

 There are several different ways to make payment for your Business Licence Renewal:

  • Credit card by eServices (Invoice number required)
  • Mail (please make cheques out to "Town of Cochrane")
  • Credit card by phone: 403-851-2573
  • In person (cash, cheque, debit or credit card)
  • Cheque dropped off at Family and Community Support Services at 2 Avenue West - East Side Entrance
  • In person at most banks or financial institutions