Business Development

Our Business Development department is available to support Cochrane businesses. To discuss challenges you may be facing, please contact us.

2020-2030 Business Development Strategic Plan

Town Council showed their commitment to local business development and innovation by approving the 2020-30 Business Development Strategic Plan at their meeting Monday February 24, 2020.

The plan outlines four main business development strategies:

  1. Proactively promote the innovation sector in the Town of Cochrane.
  2. Proactively strengthen relationships with existing businesses groups, companies and major developers in Cochrane.
  3. Proactively plan and implement initiatives to enhance Historic Downtown Cochrane.
  4. Provide consultation and support for other Town initiatives, projects and processes that enhance Cochrane’s economic ecosystem.

Read the whole plan.

2018-2023 Tourism Strategy

Cochrane Dollars

Cochrane Business Development is a proud partner of Cochrane Dollars. Find out more about the local figures and landscapes featured on the bills, security features, and how you can use Cochrane’s local currency at

Economic Vision Statement for Cochrane

Create a vibrant, thriving and complete economy, where a wide variety of employment and business opportunities draw local, national and international talent, business and investors.

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