GIS and Mapping - Prices

The Town of Cochrane GIS staff can help you with your mapping needs by generating maps of Cochrane from our database and customising them to your parameters. Examples: Land Use designations, neighbourhoods, streets, trails, air photos and many more. We can also accommodate your large-scale print requests. None of the prices below include 5% GST, which will be added at the time of purchase.


8.5 x 11 Map or Photo 1
11 x 17 Map or Photo 1
Large Map Print per Square Foot (plain paper)
Large Map Print per Square Foot (gloss paper)$10

Data (Imagery/GIS or CAD Layer) 2 :

Contours - Whole Town$350
Contours per 1/4 Section
Street Centre Lines - Whole Town
Street Centre Lines per 1/4 section
Air Photo - Whole Town
Air Photo per 1/4 Section

Custom GIS & Mapping Work:

Custom Map Work per Hour 3
Custom Map Print per Square Foot (plain paper)
Custom Map Print per Square Foot (gloss paper)
Custom Analysis Work per Hour 4


1 Discount can be made for large page counts.

2 A large number of different layers are available - please contact us for more information.

3 No charge for first half-hour of GIS Custom Map work: simple maps just pay printing costs.

4 Typically, 'Analysis' means any kind of work for which new datasets must be created.