Rates & Fees

Curbside collection fees Fee
Waste, recycling, organics curbside cart collection $22.48/month
Waste cart replaced or added $45
Recycling cart replaced or added $70
Organics cart replaced or added (bylaw sets the size)

Additional waste cart collection rate $14/month/cart
Additional recycling cart collection rate $7.55/month/cart
Additional organics cart collection rate $7/month/cart
Excess waste bag (set beside waste cart for curbside collection) - Temporarily Suspended $3

Eco Centre is not accepting items that require payment at this time.  All streams requiring payment are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Eco Centre fees  VISA, Mastercard, Interac, Cash       Fee
Eco Centre fee     $5/month
Eco Centre pay-as-you-throw clear bag (no recycling, no organics)     $3 
Eco Centre pay-as-you-throw truck load - Temporarily Suspended     $30/load                 
Eco Centre Appliance - fridge, freezer, water cooler, air conditioner - Temporarily Suspended     $40
Eco Centre Appliance - stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, furnace - Temporarily Suspended     $30
Eco Centre Appliance - microwave, hot water tank - Temporarily Suspended     $15
Compost Event (2 per year) - Cancelled for 2020     Free
Shredding Event (1 per year)     Free
Borrowing Event Containers      Free
Updated: May 29, 2020