Cochrane Community Vision


The Cochrane Community Vision is a long-term vision for Cochrane that will build community ownership, drive decision-making and direct investment.

The vision was formally adopted by Council on November 12, 2019. 

Community Aspirations:  



distinguishes our town in the region:

  • small town values
  • western heritage charm
  • sense of arrival
  • wide-open spaces
Open spaces and natural areas

Open spaces & natural areas

stewardship protects the landscape within our town and beyond: 

  • dramatic landscape with rolling hills and treed escarpments
  • connected and accessible network of natural areas
  • protected waterways 



creates a complete community for residents and businesses in our town: 
  • strong, resilient and robust community
  • diverse housing options 
  • complete community amenities
Vibrant Economy

Vibrant economy

attracts people to experience our town’s energy, history and culture: 
  • thriving employment hubs
  • dynamic downtown core
  • innovative industry
  • business friendly approach
  • vibrant shops and restaurants 


promotes health and well-being: 
  • multi-modal transportation options 
  • connections between communities
  • strong social networks and community spirit

aspiration maps 

Green corridors

Green corridors

  • These lands represent the dramatic natural corridors within our community and beyond. 
  • Preserving and enhancing this ecosystem creates amenities for everyone’s benefit.
Complete community

Complete community

  • Focusing people in our core drives a vibrant, active and walkable residential and business community. 
  • Moving away from the core allows for lower density neighbourhoods, ensuring driver housing options in our community. 
Future town boundary

Future town boundary 

  • Growth for the next 30 years is anticipated within the Town’s existing boundaries. 
  • Beyond 30 years, our community may require additional land to support future commercial, light industrial, residential needs and open space needs. 
  • These identified lands represent a natural extension of our community.
Rural character area

Rural character areas 

  • These lands function as key gateways into our community and help define Cochrane within the region. 
  • This contributes to maintaining a unique identity with rural character. 
  • The Town will collaborate with our neighbours to ensure development within this area reinforces the rural character of these lands.