Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Is there a place to get vaccinated in Cochrane?
  3. How can I protect myself?
  4. If I have flu-like symptoms, should I self-isolate?
  6. What is self-isolation?
  7. How to self-isolate
  8. What’s the difference between self-isolation and physical (or social) distancing?
  9. I know of someone in Cochrane who just returned from a trip a few days ago and has decided not to self-isolate. What do I do? Can they be fined?
  10. What should snowbirds coming home do?
  11. Is there a limit to gatherings in Town?
  13. How many cases of COVID-19 are there in Cochrane? Can you tell me where these individuals are located?
  14. Is there somewhere in Cochrane get tested if I am showing symptoms?
  15. Are we getting a COVID-19 testing site?
  16. What are the travel restrictions and recommendations?
  17. Should separated families continue to swap their children between parents?
  18. Can I still meet friends, gather and socialize at this time?
  19. Can I take my kids out to play? What Town parks are open?
  20. Do I need to be worried about my pets getting sick?
  22. What should I do if I feel anxious or stressed?
  23. What is being done to support residents financially?
  24. What should I do if I think a facility or business is not following provincial guidelines?
  25. I need volunteers/I want to volunteer.
  26. Our local Society has an AGM and tax reporting coming up - what do we do?
  28. What is the Town doing in response?
  29. Is the RCMP building open to the public?
  30. Are permitted outdoor community events booked through the Town being cancelled?
  31. Will my garbage/recycling/organics still be picked up?
  32. Where do I put soiled paper products (when using something other than toilet paper)?
  33. Can I have a garage sale?
  34. How are Town emergency services being supported at this time?
  35. Are there relief measures available to help with property taxes, mortgage, lease or rent payments?
  36. Will there be a break on taxes and utility bills?
  37. I recently applied for employment with the Town. What’s the status of hiring for new positions?
  38. Is COLT still running?
  39. Can we still spend time in our local parks?
  40. Are Cochrane’s off-leash parks still open?
  41. What should I do if I meet someone on a pathway?
  42. What role, or extended services, is our Urgent Care offering?
  43. How will information be distributed to those not on social media?
  44. Where do I find more information?
  45. Are playgrounds/sports parks open?
  46. Can I go skating or play on the outdoor rinks? How many people can I skate with?
  48. Should I support local businesses, or stay home?
  49. When families require groceries or prescriptions, is it okay if all family members go to the grocery store?
  50. Are there measures being taken to control the flow of public into businesses?
  51. Are personal service providers (massage, nail techs, hair stylists, etc) working now?
  52. Will our local stores continue to receive shipments?
  53. What if I see a business open that’s supposed to be closed?
  55. Are masks mandatory in Cochrane?
  56. Who would be exempted from wearing a mask?
  57. How will the Town advise residents if the mandatory mask bylaw comes into effect?
  58. How can I see if Cochrane has reached 10 active cases?
  59. What is considered indoor public premises?
  60. What is considered a public vehicle?
  61. Are businesses required to enforce the bylaw?
  62. Can businesses require patrons to wear a mask if the bylaw has not been enacted?
  63. Do face coverings need to be worn in places of worship?
  64. Do face coverings need to be worn in private meetings?
  65. Does this bylaw apply to gyms, sports and fitness centres?
  66. Does this bylaw apply to restaurants, cafés or cafeterias?
  67. Will children and staff in daycares have to wear face coverings?
  68. Does the bylaw apply to schools?
  69. Why was this bylaw put in place?
  70. Where can I dispose of used masks in Town?
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