Temporary Patio Program


The Town has established an expedited application and approval process to provide local restaurants the opportunity to utilize nearby outdoor spaces, including sidewalk and parking spaces, to create temporary outdoor patios. 

The process allows restaurants to create temporary outdoor patios without going through the development permit process. This program will be available until September 30.

To participate:

  1. Design your temporary patio in accordance with these guidelines.
  2. Fill out and sign the Temporary Outdoor Patio Program Agreement
  3. If you are proposing to use sidewalks, municipally owned parcels, or reserve parcels (“public property”) or road right of ways, you will also be required to provide proof of insurance.
  4. Complete and submit the Outdoor Patio Application and Checklist.
  5. Send your signed agreement, patio design in proof of insurance (if required) to Planning@cochrane.ca