Tri-Site Strategy

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The land:

The Town has a unique opportunity to create valuable space from three parcels of land in our downtown core:

  1. Fifth Avenue Site
  2. 1 acre site east of Cochrane Public Library
  3. Former Esso Bulk Station site

The Tri-Site Concept Plan Advisory Group:

The Tri-Site Concept Plan Advisory Group was established to optimize the usability of each site while ensuring a balance of Cochrane’s unique heritage and modern needs.

The Advisory Group will undertake stakeholder engagement that stays within the community and ensures maximum exposure and feedback. The Advisory Group will explore various development scenarios that accommodate community needs and evaluate the suitability of each scenario.

Development principles:

  • Preserve natural site conditions wherever possible
  • Consider internal and external connectivity
  • Reflect Cochrane’s unique heritage
  • Ensure concept plan is long-term, flexible, and adaptable to changing community needs
  • Development should respectfully transition to adjacent neighborhoods
  • Capitalize on dramatic views and ensure views are publicly accessible
  • Ensure balance between built and open spaces
  • Maximize community value and public service
  • Consider viability and financial sustainability of concept plans
  • Optimize the usability of each site

Evaluation criteria:

  • No displacement of existing uses without allocation of appropriate space elsewhere
  • Each use must have a strong rationale for downtown location
  • Optimal use of space
  • Ability to source or demonstrate potential for alternative funding sources
  • The proposed use answers a demonstrated need and/or potential in the community
  • Ensures public access and community benefit
  • Should demonstrate how it connects with other uses, synergies with existing downtown businesses and/or adds value to existing uses
  • Demonstrates positive social, environmental, and economic effects
  • Adaptable over time and considers future population growth, new technology and other future influences

The goals:

The proposed uses for these sites demonstrate positive social, environmental, and economic effects while allowing for adaptability and future growth. The developments answer a need within the community and allow for community benefit and added value.

The parcels could function within multiple themes such as recreation and outdoor community uses, multi-purpose spaces, municipal support services, housing and/or social services. Within all of these themes is an added community benefit that would promote positive growth for Cochrane.