Compliance Certificates

As part of a real estate transaction, your lending agency may request a compliance certificate from the municipality to certify that the property meets applicable conditions and bylaws. 

Compliance verification includes:

  • review of the setbacks required by Cochrane's Land Use Bylaw for various types of improvements on the land (i.e. house, deck or garage)
  • encroachments into easements, rights-of-way and municipal properties (i.e. roads, lanes and parks, etc.)

Verification does not include:

  • review of fences or walls between private property owners
  • completion of building permit requirements under the Alberta Building Code. 

Thinking about requesting a compliance certificate?

Step 1: Fill out a Compliance Certificate Application Form

Step 2: Submit your application form with the following:

  • at least two original Real Property Reports (no more than 90 days old)
  • encroachment agreement (if applicable)
  • the appropriate fee

What happens next?
If we need clarification or more information, we'll contact you.
Straightforward requests take approximately five working days to process.