2022 United Way Funded Group - Cochrane Alliance Church - Right Hand Support Program

The Right Hand Support Program has been developed to meet the need for healthy, safe connection. COVID-19 has strained people’s inner resources.  Mental health is impacted by ongoing isolation, relational and financial difficulties.

Right Hand Support Program serves Cochrane and the surrounding area providing natural and professional support for individuals and families experiencing life challenges, isolation, and/or trauma.

First time I felt heard, supported, and understood.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do (Counselling client)

“I’m thankful for my Right-Hand Support (mentor) because I was pretty antisocial before” (Mentee)

“RHS, I felt were feeding into and equipping me and setting me up for success to be a mentor…. training not only impacts just me, but it actually went beyond, it went into my mentee, into family, into coworkers into people in my neighborhood.  I’ve had deep conversations about mental health, and it’s opened the doors to have some really neat conversations that brought healing in some people’s lives.  It doesn’t just affect the mentees that we have but it affects a whole circle of people” (Mentor)          

Cochrane Alliance Church