2023 United Way Funded Group - Cochrane and Area Victim Services

Empowering victims and restoring hope for a brighter tomorrow. Providing crisis response, support, information and referral services to individuals, families and communities.

Impact story 1: 
When I retired it was very important to me to seek out an opportunity that gave me three things; a meaningful purpose, was a direct help to my community and it had a positive impact on others. Being a volunteer victim advocate for Cochrane and Area Victim Services (CAVS) has provided me that opportunity. As a victim advocate we are asked to stand alongside people in our community who are experiencing some of the worst moments in their lives. When called, we go with the expectation that by just showing up to be available to hold a hand if needed, or be a listening ear, or maybe just provide some information to help them with their questions, we bring to that awful moment a small but bright light of hope that tomorrow may be better. That feels to me like an opportunity that has a meaningful purpose, that is about community and has all the potential of having a positive impact on others and it has been the opportunity I had hoped for.

I live my life with the motto that every day has the potential to be the best day ever. But I know that can be a real challenge to experience when something bad happens to us. I know it is in those dark moments that we need someone else to show us the potential that there is hope for another best day ever tomorrow. It has been an amazing blessing and opportunity for me to be part of CAVS and to have the opportunity to be part of their vision of “empowering victims and restoring hope for a brighter tomorrow” in my community so those who are not having a best day ever, just maybe will see hope for one tomorrow.

Impact story 2: 
Being an advocate and being able to support and be with someone often during their most difficult time is truly an honour. Those experiences have changed who I am; they’ve made me a better person!

Phone: 403-851-8055
Email: RCMP.KCochraneVSU-KCochraneSAU.GRC@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Website: www.cochranevictimservices.ca