National Indigenous Peoples Day



National Indigenous History Month was created to raise awareness of the vibrant culture and stories of Indigenous people. Educating Canadians about Canada’s first people, their history and who they are proud to be is a step towards Reconciliation. National Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated on the summer solstice, June 21, and was selected because many Indigenous peoples and communities have traditionally celebrated their culture or heritage on or near the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. 

Cochrane is grateful to have the following nearby events:

  • Mînî Thnî is hosting a traditional Pow Wow to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st at the Goodstoney Rodeo Center. The event will begin with a Traditional pipe ceremony at 11AM followed by the grand entry at 12PM Traditional dancing, music and drumming to follow. The event is open to everyone, and a Free BBQ is available while supplies last. For more information email .
  • The City of Calgary is hosting several events throughout the month of June and featuring hand games, fashion show, Indigenous drag show and Metis jigging lessons. See Indigenous Awareness Month ( for more details.

Other information sources about local Indigenous history: 

These Mountains are our Sacred Places, The Story of the Stoney People, authored by Chief John Snow, and is available from a variety of popular book sellers.