Traffic Lights

Light Signals

Town traffic lights are managed through a vehicle detection system: when you approach an intersection with a red light, a call is relayed to the monitoring system and you will be given a green light.


Traffic lights can malfunction for several reasons: power outage, lighting strikes or system issues. When there is a problem, the lights usually flash red in all directions. This is the signal to treat the intersection as a four-way stop: stop, and then proceed through the intersection when it is safe to do so, in order of arrival at the intersection.

Report a Problem

 Highway 22 or 1A 

If a traffic light on Highway 22 or 1A is flashing or appears to be otherwise malfunctioning, please call the provincial 24-hour trouble line at 888-VSROADS (888-877-6237).

Town roads

To report problems with traffic lights on a road in Town (that is, NOT on one of the highways), please call 403-851-2590 and follow the prompts to leave a message for Roads.

Street lights

Report a streetlight for repair: Report Streetlight or contact Fortis at 310-WIRE (9473).