Council Priorities


Council's Strategic Priorities set the course for where the organization's efforts will be directed. These priorities guide our organization and the programs and services we deliver to the community.

Community Connectivity 

Focus on multi-modal transportation solutions that achieve positive traffic and pedestrian flows throughout the community.

  • Continue to work with Alberta Transportation on design and construction of the highway 1A/22 interchange.
  • Advocate for highway 1A improvements within the Town boundaries, including Centre Avenue and 5th Avenue intersections.
  • Finalize agreements for ultimate second access to Sunset Ridge, and facilitate construction as required by traffic analysis.
  • Design and construct an expansion to the Centre Avenue intersection and approaches to railway tracks to accommodate four lanes, and ultimately a grade-separated crossing.
  • Complete the Jack Tennant Memorial bridge and connecting road network.
  • Implement local on-demand transit:
    • Complete design and construct transit hub and building(s)
    • Finalize contract with Southland Transportation Ltd.
    • Acquire bus fleet
    • Install transit stops
    • Test on demand transit systems for fall implementation
  • Advocate for a regional heavy rail/bus mass transit system.
  • Improve, plan and advocate for local and regional pathway networks that connect all communities.
    • Complete design and construction of Horse Creek pedestrian crossing
    • Complete design and construction of Sunset Ridge pathway connection
    • Construct SLSFSC to Jim Uffelmann Memorial Park pathway connection
    • Upgrade asphalt pathway in Crawford Ranch
    • Construct asphalt pathway between River Avenue and regional pathway near Bow River
    • Complete construction of the asphalt pathway surrounding the east side of Jumping Pound Ridge
    • Upgrade asphalt pathway from Mitford Park west through West Terrace Park

Community Development and Planning 

Focus on improved development and land use plans that align with the Social Policy Framework and Growth Management Strategy to promote a complete community while preserving Cochrane's unique identity.

  • Develop and implement a water strategy; upgrade wastewater and water infrastructure to accommodate future growth.
  • Complete the Land Use Bylaw review and update, implementing an annual review and update every five years.
  • Review and update the Municipal Development Plan, implementing an annual review and update every five years.
  • Prioritize commercial and industrial development, while broadening residential housing options.
  • Focus on development of the Growth Management Regional Plan and Servicing Plan.
  • Complete a long-term community visioning plan and update the Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP).
  • Complete annexation of Heritage Hills 1/4 section:
    • Acquire 130-acre parcel from Rocky View School District (RVSD).
    • Complete the Master Site Plan and seek approval from RVSD.
    • Complete the servicing plan for the 1/4 section.
  • Complete annexation of 40-acre site north of Sunset Ridge.
  • Develop a 10-year Economic Development Strategy.

Community Engagement 

Focus on improved community engagement opportunities.

  • Establish engagement strategies for key community issues and projects.
  • Establish engagement opportunities with youth, seniors, neighbouring communities and First Nations.
  • Focus on improved communication to residents about community safety programs and services, achieving solutions through education and awareness.
  • Complete a customer satisfaction survey.

Community Facilities and Services

Focus on services and spaces that achieve a safe and improved sense of community.

  • Advocate for improved emergency, physical and mental health services.
  • Design and build a new integrated RCMP and Municipal Enforcement detachment.
  • Complete the Tri-Site implementation strategy:
    • Design and construction of the former Esso Bulk Station site in 2019:
      • Transit hub and Municipal Services building
      • At-grade pedestrian crossing to connect Historic Downtown and Quarry commercial area
    • Consult with user groups and finalize concepts for future development of the Library / Innovation Centre / Arts and Culture site and 5th Avenue site.
    • Complete design for old Town Hall site.
  • Develop an effective asset management system.
  • Focus on achieving organizational efficiencies.

Ten-Year Financial Strategy

 Please note: as of 2015, this information is incorporated into the Report to Community.