Getting around Cochrane is easy by car, or use the 60+ km of pathways to bike or walk. Local taxis will take you to your destination in or out of town. There are also commuter bus and carpool options for those who work in Calgary.

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Cochrane now has local transit! COLT: Cochrane On-demand Local Transit launched Oct 2019. Find out more or book your next ride on


Please remember to obey the posted speed limits when driving:

  • 50 km/h unless otherwise indicated
  • 30 km/h in playground and school zones
  • 20 km/h in alleyways

Children under 18 must wear helmets when cycling and are allowed to ride on sidewalks.

Little Girls Ride Bikes

Transportation Resources

For a list of taxi companies in town, search the online business directory, or look in your local phone book. Carpooling resources and contacts can be found online. Southland Transportation handles buses for the Calgary commuter bus service. For local school buses, contact the Rocky View School District.

Transportation routes for dangerous goods have been established to protect the safety of the community. See the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Bylaw for more information.

Advanced Traveller Information System

Calgary’s Advanced Traveller Information System is designed to inform drivers of potential problems that may be encountered on trips around the city, including roadwork and lane closures, travel notices (such as speed restrictions due to construction) as well as accidents during peak commuting hours. Visitors can also view images from traffic cameras placed around the city.

The information is provided by the City of Calgary’s Transportation Planning Department.