Major Projects

The Town's major projects are guided by Council's annual priorities, 10-Year Financial Strategy and Strategic Plan. Most major projects require extensive financial planning as well as public consultation to ensure they meet community needs now and for the future.

Aquatic and Curling/Multisport Centre

Cochrane's new Aquatic and Curling/Multisport Centre opened in July 2017 at  Spray Lake Sawmills Family Centre. There is also a capital fundraising campaign.

Bow River Bridge

The new bridge across the Bow River located near the SLS Family Recreation Center is currently under detailed design. Construction is expected to start by the end of summer 2018. Find out more.


The federal goverment is making plans to legalize and regulate cannabis in Canada, with legislation currently scheduled to take effect July 1, 2018. Find out how the Town is planning for cannabis legalization.

Capital projects

Highway 1A and 22

The 2017 provincial budget included funding to begin the process for building an interchange at Highway 1A and 22. Once design and engineering are complete, construction could begin as early as fall 2019. Find out more.


Research and reports on transit options. Find out more.