Day Homes

Day Homes are an accessory use within a home that may provide temporary care, maintenance, supervision or education for up to six (6) children at a time.

Day Homes within the Town of Cochrane do not require a Development Permit to operate, however still need to comply with the following regulations:

a) The dwelling unit (home) associated with the day home cannot contain another day home, home-based business major, bed and breakfast and no more than one (1) other home-based business minor.

b) No form of on-site advertising related to the day home may be discernible from the outside of the dwelling, except for one (1) identification sign with a maximum area of up to 0.5m2, displayed in the window of the dwelling.

Note: all Day Homes within the Town of Cochrane still require a Business Licence to operate. 

If you have any questions about Day Home regulations and what is required, please contact Planning staff.