According to Town of Cochrane Bylaw 29-2018, you may not not smoke, vape or consume cannabis in any public place in Cochrane.

Retail operations

Town Council approved a new section of Cochrane's Land Use Bylaw on May 28, 2018 to regulate Cannabis Retail Stores. This Bylaw was proposed in response to upcoming legalization of cannabis by the Federal government and the Province of Alberta’s regulations to allow the sale of cannabis through private retail stores.

What does this mean?
This means the Town of Cochrane has rules for where cannabis retail stores can be located in advance of cannabis legalization under federal law on October 17. These rules are in addition to those from the province.

The Town starts accepting applications for cannabis retail stores starting October 1.

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Teal – sensitive use
Red – approved cannabis store
Green – min 150 m setback



When will recreational cannabis be legal?

The federal government has approved The Cannabis Act which legalizes recreational cannabis in Canada starting October 17, 2018. 

Does this affect medical cannabis?

No, medical cannabis and prescriptions will still be overseen by the federal government.

Where will I be able to buy cannabis for recreational purposes?

Once cannabis is legalized by the federal government, cannabis can either be purchased at a retail store, online or be grown at home. The Town of Cochrane is restricting where retail stores can locate.

What is a cannabis retail store?

A cannabis retail store is a provincially licenced store where anyone of age can purchase cannabis, like a liquor store. These stores will be licenced for sales only; consumption of cannabis will be prohibited at the store.

Who sets the rules for cannabis retail store?

The Province of Alberta and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) have set the requirements for these retail stores. The province has given some room to municipalities to customize these requirements to meet individual community needs.

Where will these cannabis retail store operate?

Under the Town's bylaw, cannabis retail stores will be able to locate in most commercial buildings. These stores must be set back 150 metres from any hospital, child care, school or playground and must be located at least 150 metres away from any other cannabis retail store.

When can I apply for a permit for a cannabis retail store?

The Town is accepting applications starting October 1, 2018. An explanation of the process and an application form will be online in early September.

Will cannabis retail stores be able to sell edibles or food?

No, the sale of edibles is still prohibited under federal legislation.

Can the Town keep cannabis illegal? 

No, the legalization of cannabis is a federal act that applies to all provinces and municipalities. The Town has a defined set of powers for regulating a development (i.e. a retail stores), but cannot prohibit a legal use from occurring.

Can I consume cannabis in public in Cochrane?

No. according to Town of Cochrane Bylaw 9-2018, you may not not smoke, vape or consume cannabis in any public place in Cochrane.

Where can I find out more about cannabis legalization?

Visit Health Canada page or Alberta Cannabis Framework for more information.