The federal goverment is making plans to legalize and regulate cannabis in Canada, with legislation scheduled to take this year. Overview of legislative responsibilities.

The Province of Alberta has regulated the consumption of cannabis with the main focus on  protection of youth and limiting exposure to second-hand smoke. Municipalities must uphold and enforce these restrictions.

The Provincial Act – Bill 26: An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis has restricted smoking or vaping of cannabis in any public place where tobacco is restricted, and in the following places:

  • On any hospital property, school property or child care facility property
  • From any motor vehicle, with the exemption of those being used as a temporary residence, such as a parked RV
  • In or within a prescribed distance from:
    • A playground 
    • A sports or playing field
    • A skateboard or bicycle park 
    • An outdoor pool or splash pad
    • Anywhere smoking or vaping tobacco is already restricted

The Town of Cochrane is responding to the change in a number of ways:

Area of focus
Retailers who want to sell cannabis
Land Use Bylaw amendment
  • A definition for "cannabis retail store" has been added to the Land Use Bylaw. Find out more.
  • The amendment was approved May 28, 2018.
  • Applications for cannabis retail stores are being accepted starting October 1, 2018. Find out more.
Public consumption
  • During its regular meeting August 13, Cochrane Town Council approved a Cannabis Consumption Bylaw. Bylaw 29/2018 will become effective once legalization occurs October 17.