Solar-Powered Crosswalks

Solar-powered crosswalks use solar-powered flashing lights when in use, making them more visible and safer for pedestrians.

The Town of Cochrane currently has 17 solar-powered crosswalks.

The Town’s 2022 capital and operating budgets includes funding to install two crosswalk enhancements per year (other locations may be included within capital projects). Please note: locations are subject to change based on budgets and emerging priorities.

LocationAnticipated timing
George Fox Trail & Crawford DriveCompleted
Sunset Common & Sunset BlvdCompleted
Mid-block crossing (near Holy Spirit School at First St E)Completed
River Heights Drive & Ridge GateCompleted
Sundown Rd mid-block at pathwayCompleted
Sundown Rd & Grove north of the bus exit at Rancheview SchoolCompleted
River Heights Dr & River Heights LaneCompleted
West Rock Road Dog off leash park to parking lotCompleted
Fireside Dr & Fireside ParkwayCompleted
Quigley Dr & West Terrace Cr (east entrance)
Centre Ave & Powell St
2023 (included within Capital project)
Sunset Way & Sunset Park
Sunvalley Rd mid-blockCompleted
Sunset Dr & Sunset PointCompleted

What’s included in evaluations?

To qualify for installation, a location must meet the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Pedestrian Control Guide and local crossing considerations. Evaluations check for proximity to schools/playgrounds and seniors’ facilities, pathway connections and any history of collisions.

To suggest a location for further consideration, please contact roads or call Operational Facilities at 403-851-2590.