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Posted on: July 4, 2018


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Update July 9: The new advance warning signals will be operational this week.

Cochrane is installing new train notification signals to give earlier warning about approaching trains.

The system is being installed as a pilot program and tells drivers when a train is approaching before the intersection closes.

Before a train reaches the crossing, a blue light will flash to alert motorists in advance that the intersection is closing soon for a train. The light will be visible in all directions for several blocks; this advance warning gives drivers the opportunity to safely choose an alternate route.

The new signals are being installed on both sides of the Fifth Avenue railway crossing for the pilot program starting at the beginning of July; they are expected to be operating by mid-August.

Installation costs are $8,143 and are part of the 2018 budget.

This system is used successfully in other jurisdictions and has been found to enhance road safety by reducing driver frustration and illegal activities such as U-turns and speeding through intersections. The pilot program will be assessed to measure the impact on local traffic flow.

This system also helps emergency response vehicles avoid crossings before they close.

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