How do I plan the program roll out?

There are many ways to introduce a new organic collection program. Based on experience, we suggest hosting a one-time kick-off event. Here are a few examples:

Kick-off Party

A party for the property residents that combines food (for example a BBQ) and entertainment (music or games) with an introduction to the new organic collection program. Activities can include demonstrations on how to set up your in-unit organics, where and how to take organics to the collection bins and examples of items acceptable in the program. As residents arrive they can be directed to sign in and receive their organics brochure (and bin if you are providing them)

Pros: Suitable for all sizes of properties. Fun. Highly visible. Promotes conversations and community building. Residents will associate the new organic collection program with a positive experience.

Cons: Requires a suitable space. Cost for food and/or entertainment. Time consuming to plan. Need sufficient staff/volunteers.

Community Meeting/Open House

A resident gathering in a common area, either as a stand-alone event or plan it to coincide with an already scheduled AGM or other meeting. An open house format allows residents to drop in and leave after they have asked questions and picked up brochures. Residents can be directed to sign in (allowing you to track who attended and follow up with those who couldn’t attend). Set up a demonstration showing in-unit storage options and how organic containers need to be used. Provide some refreshments.

Pros: Not very time consuming. Low cost. Few staff/volunteers required. Drop-in format encourages residents to pop in.

Cons: Less fun than a party.

Door-to-Door Outreach

On a specific date, go door to door to distribute in-unit bins (if you are providing them) and information materials about the program. This gives you the opportunity to explain the program to each resident, including what is acceptable and where the organic collection bins are located.

Pros: Good choice for smaller properties. No extra cost. Easy to keep track of who you spoke with.

Cons: Time consuming for larger properties.

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