Why does it feel like there so many rules for procurement?
As a public entity entrusted with public funds, policies and other regulations are in place to ensure that:
• There is fair opportunity to bid on a Town of Cochrane project.
• Procurement and project agreements are handled as efficiently as possible.
• We hire and acquire services and goods in an open and transparent manner.
• All vendors from anywhere in the Town, region, province or country, when selected, receive access to information on procurement opportunities, processes and results.
• The risks associated with procurement practices and decisions are managed through appropriate controls and monitoring.

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1. Who is responsible for procurement/purchasing at the Town of Cochrane?
2. Why does it feel like there so many rules for procurement?
3. How does the Town of Cochrane keep proposal bidding fair?
4. What happens if a vendor feels the bidding/decision process was unfair?
5. What are some of the common reasons a bid is rejected?
6. What information is typically included in a Town Request for Proposal (RFP)?
7. How are bids evaluated?
8. How are submissions evaluated to ensure fairness?