Are homes being expropriated for this work?

Properties identified as being in the highway right-of-way for expansion were identified and acquired by Alberta Transportation a number of years ago.

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1. What is the Hwy 1A improvement project?
2. When does construction start?
3. How will traffic be re-routed while construction is taking place?
4. Does the project include additional options for pedestrian traffic?
5. How much will the project cost?
6. Since the Town is paying for this project, will my taxes go up?
7. Why is the Town paying for improvements to a provincial highway?
8. Who approved the project?
9. Why isn’t the Town taking over the Hwy 1A/22 interchange project too?
10. Are homes being expropriated for this work?
11. Will the speed limit on Hwy 1A change once the work is complete?
12. Will the speed limit change?