What goes in the black cart?

Waste is any material that isn't organic and can't be recycled. 

  • Regular household garbage, furnace & water filters, garden hoses
  • Diapers & baby wipes, bandages, dental floss, razors, makeup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, twist ties
  • Non-recyclable packaging, bows, ribbons, Christmas ornaments, hangers (metal & plastic)
  • Mixed material items (eg. broken toys containing metal, plastic, rubber, cloth) that can’t be separated
  • Balloons, chalk, crayons, felt, gum, tape, photos, chip bags, candy wrappers, plastic straws & cutlery
  • Cassette tapes, CD’s, mirrors, rope, rubber bands, stickers, yarn
  • Ceramic or pottery dishes, pillows, scouring pads, soap, sponges, swiffer dusters, tarps, tiles
  • Household project waste - small enough to fit into a bag in your cart: carpet, rug, treated wood, wall paper, blinds

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1. What goes in the black cart?
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