How does the Town check for leaks?

In alignment with the Town of Cochrane’s commitment to responsible stewardship of our valuable water resources and enhanced water system resiliency, the Operations, Water & Wastewater Department will shortly be initiating a systematic water system integrity survey with the goal of identifying and repairing areas of underground water distribution system leakage throughout the Town.

This multi-year project will analyze all Town-owned water system piping infrastructure up to and including the ‘curb stop’ water valve located at the property line between the Town & property owner. Throughout our inspections, there is a chance that water leaks or breaks may be identified on the property owner’s side of the service connection, and it may be the responsibility of the property owner to repair or replace the service connection on their property.

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1. What is a water service?
2. What causes a service leak?
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5. How does the Town check for leaks?
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