What is included in the project scope?
  • Removal and replacement of deep utilities.
  • Surface rehabilitation work on Glenpatrick Drive from Glenbrook Crescent to 5th Avenue.
  • Replacement of water and sanitary services to the property line.
  • Replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters within the project area.  
  • Restoration of driveway and landscaping a result of sidewalk widening and installation of services.
  • Replacement of asphalt from 5th Ave to Glenhill Drive.
  • Installation of bumpouts on the crosswalk south of Glenbrook Cres and gravel path crossing east of Glenhill Drive to improve pedestrian visibility and safety.
  • Installation of mini-roundabout (traffic button) is proposed at the intersection of Glenpatrick Road and Glenhill Drive to traffic increase safety.

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1. Why are we doing this now?
2. What is included in the project scope?
3. What can residents anticipate while the work is taking place?
4. When will this work take place?
5. When complete, what will the project include?
6. Who can you contact if you have questions or concerns?