What if my regularly scheduled collection day falls on a statutory holiday?
There are only two days we don't collect, Christmas Day and New Years Day. If your collection falls on either of these days, check your zone calendar or our Eco Centre Facebook page to learn what day they will be collecting to make up for your missed collection day. All other holidays, waste, recycling and organics will be picked up as scheduled.

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1. When I move, do I take my carts with me?
2. What time do I need to put out my carts for collection?
3. What if my regularly scheduled collection day falls on a statutory holiday?
4. When is my waste and recycling collection day?
5. I just moved into a newly built home and there are no carts, how do I get them delivered?
6. My cart wasn't collected. What do I do?
7. Where do I store my carts?
8. What if my cart goes missing?
9. Why is there a limit on curbside residential waste collection?
10. What if I have more waste than what fits in the waste cart?
11. Why do I have to bag my waste?
12. I had set my cart out for collection and the birds have scattered it all over, what should I do?
13. What CAN I put in my waste cart?
14. What items cannot be put in the waste cart?
15. What can I put in my recycling cart?
16. Coffee cups. Where do I put them?
17. What if I have more recycling than fits in the recycling cart?
18. What items go in the organics cart?
19. What can I do with my Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene)?
20. I have appliances to dispose of, where can I take them?
21. Where is the bottle depot located?
22. What fees are associated with curbside collection services in Cochrane?