What sections will be amended?
Several sections have been identified as priorities at this time:
Administrative Processes: To ensure consistency throughout the bylaw, some administrative items require clarification.
Definitions: Update definitions to ensure they are relevant and easy to understand. This will provide for the consistent interpretation of the bylaw for both applicants and the Development Authority.
Enforcement: A review of LUB enforcement is required to ensure penalties are appropriate for infractions and to gauge capacity for municipal enforcement.
Parking: A comprehensive review of existing parking regulations will explore opportunities for increasing efficiencies and help the Town better understand the impact that lot and stall design have on urban form and community design.
Recreation and Gathering Spaces: Explore opportunities for implementing the Town’s vision for public gathering spaces, public art, arts and recreation.
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Land Use Districts: Review Land Use Districts to ensure there is a balance of form and massing, land use, and development. Updates will take into account economic trends to understand current and future opportunities and challenges.
Signage: Update to reflect the Town’s vision for neighbourhoods and the downtown area. Consult with the community on potential needs and gaps.
Slope Stability: The bylaw regulating development on or around steep slopes will be updated to ensure consistent and accurate interpretation.
Wetland and Riparian Areas: Review and explore opportunities for aligning with the Wetland Policy and associated procedures adopted by Council in 2013.

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1. What is the Land Use Bylaw (LUB)?
2. Where are the various land use zones located?
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5. Can I suggest changes to the LUB?
6. Why is the Town amending the LUB?
7. What sections will be amended?
8. What is the timeframe for the review and revision process?
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