How was the location of the new bridge decided?

The location for the bridge is based on the shape of the river, significant grade and topographical variances, and suitable road alignment with the new Griffin Road and James Walker Trail alignment. The Town’s 2006 Transportation Plan included the new bridge across the Bow River and arterial road connections on both sides. Other bridge locations would be significantly more expensive due to the additional length of the road required and the span required to cross the Bow River.

This location also provides direct connectivity to the SLS Family Sports Center and Cochrane’s downtown for car, bike, pedestrian and possibly transit from the communities south of the Bow River.

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1. Where will the bridge be located?
2. How was the location of the new bridge decided?
3. Does the new bridge mean changes to the off-leash area?
4. How do we know the environment is being protected during construction?
5. How long has the Town been planning for this new bridge?
6. What happens next?
7. When will the new bridge be ready to use and what will it connect to?