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Arts & Culture

  1. ClubHouse Art Walk Registration Application

    Local artists are invited to show and sell their work at the ClubHouse Activity Centre at our monthly Art Walk. ... More…

  2. Waiver - Adult
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  2. Waiver - Minor


  1. Annual Commercial/Industrial Property Income Information
  2. Assessment Request for Information - Farmland
  3. Comparable Properties Information Request (2020) (MGA section 300)

    As a property owner you are entitled to access or receive sufficient information about your property and a summary of any assessment in... More…

  4. Residential Property Verification Form

    The Town of Cochrane is conducting a re-inspection of residential properties for the tax year. In order to prepare complete, accurate... More…

  1. Assessed Person's Property Information Request (2020) (MGA section 299)

    As a property owner you are entitled to access or receive sufficient information about your property and a summary of any assessment in... More…

  2. Assessment Request for Information - Hotel/Motel
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  4. Sales Verification Form

    Owners who have purchased a home.

Business Licenses

  1. Business Directory Update
  2. Business Licence Application

    All businesses operating in the Town of Cochrane must hold a current Town of Cochrane business licence. Once you have paid the... More…

  3. Statutory Declaration Online Form
  1. Business Licence Account Changes

    Please update any information that is not correct on your Business Licence Invoice.

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Community Events

  1. Application for horse to be allowed onto park space, pathway or highway
  2. Event Containers
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  2. Recreation Field Booking Application

    In an effort to support Cochrane private sector businesses, not-for-profit groups, and individuals whose indoor programing has been... More…

Economic Development

  1. Cochrane Job Fair 2020

    Cochrane's annual, local job fair. Feb 22, 2020 NEW VENUE: Cochrane Lion's Event Centre. 109 Fifth Ave.

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  3. New Business Survey

    Survey of holders on new business licences.

  4. Visitor info
  1. Cochrane Open & Safe Campaign
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  3. Shop Cochrane


  1. Book a Fire Inspection

    To book fire inspections.

  2. Hall Tour Requests

    To book group hall tour request

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Parks & Open Spaces

  1. Adopt a Garden request
  2. Request a memorial bench or picnic table
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  2. Weed Pull for Cash: Application

    The Town of Cochrane is helping local groups earn $300. Local groups, teams and charitable organizations can apply to pull weeds in a... More…

Permits and inspections

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  1. Safety Codes Inspection Request

    Use this form to request building, electrical, gas, plumbing or business licence fire inspections. We require two working days notice.

Planning Services

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  1. Pre-Application consultation

    Are you planning to apply for a Town of Cochrane permit? Planning staff are available to answer questions and provide a list of the... More…


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  2. New Residential Utility Account Request

    Sign up and create a new utility account and sign up for Pre-Authorized Payment.

  3. Sign up/Change for Pre-Authorized Payment (Current Account Holders Only)

    Sign up for PAP.

  1. New Commercial Utility Account Request

    Sign up and create a new commercial utility account.

  2. Sign Up/Change eBilling (Property Owners Only)

    Sign up to receive your statement by email.

  3. Utility account cancellation form

    Cancelling a utilities account

Waste and Recycling

  1. Cart Tag Prize Draw

    Get an invitation on your waste or recycling cart to enter the prize draw? Enter your info here!

  2. Event Containers
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  2. Town of Cochrane Business Waste Management survey

Water & Wastewater

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  1. Water Conservation Rebate - Fescue Sod Application

    Do you have an undeveloped yard? Not sure about the usual bluegrass sod and all the watering it requires? Try something different!... More…