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Annual Commercial/Industrial Property Income Information


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  • Property Details

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    2. Rental information spreadsheet
      Please fill out the Rental information spreadsheet then save it on your computer. Use the Upload link below to submit your completed form. Rental information spreadsheet

      Net Rent (triple net or base rent): the rent for the property ONLY; does not include GST, property tax, insurance or utilities. (The owner recovers these expenses from the tenant or the tenant pays them directly.)

      Gross Rent: net rent + all costs (taxes, insurance, utilities).

      Semi-Gross Rent: the total net rent; owner likely pays taxes and insurance, or a combination of operating costs and does NOT recover them from the tenant.
    3. Please upload your completed Rental information spreadsheet.
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    5. Is your property currently listed for sale, or been listed within the last 12 months?*