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Assessed Person's Property Information Request (2018) (MGA section 299)

  1. The purpose of this form is for an assessed person, or their authorized agent to request, under section 299 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), information about how the assessor prepared the assessment of that person's property.

  2. Section A: Property assessment account for which information is requested.

  3. Section B: Agent Information (if applicable)

  4. Letter of Authorization submitted?

  5. Section C: Preferred method of receipt

  6. How would like to receive your report?*

  7. Section D: Acknowledgement and certification

    By entering my name below, I acknowledge and certify that:
    i. All the information on this form is true.
    ii. I understand that, if I complete Section B of this form, I will only receive information from the Assessment Department after a 2017 "Authorization of Agency" form and letter has been submitted, and the Assessment Department has authorized my company or me to receive information in respect of the property assessment account identified in Section A.
    iii. I understand that, in the event I have already filed, or elect to file, a complaint against this assessment, this Assessment Explanation Request should be made in a timely manner, and that the department generally objects to requests for postponements of tribunal hearings where the reason is associated with accessing information from Assessment Department.
    iv. I understand I am requesting a written Assessment Explanation under MGA Section 299 for the property assessment account identified in Section A, and for the 2017 assessment year only.

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