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Digital Sign Request

  1. Requesting space on the Town's digital signs
    If you represent a local non-profit or community organization, you may request space on the digital signs to help promote your program or event. Town Communications staff layout, upload and schedule all digital sign content.

    IMPORTANT: Due to the high number of requests, we can only take requests for one week at a time. You can request more than one week in a month, but not consecutive weeks.
    NOTE: If there are already five requests for the week you are requesting, we may get in touch to discuss rescheduling.

    To request space on a sign:
    • Apply at least two weeks in advance but not more than six months in advance.
    • Space on signs is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Your message will share space with other messages on a rotating basis.
    • The Town of Cochrane reserves the right to bump any message for an urgent Town message.
  2. Signs are updated on Mondays at 7am.
  3. Tips and tricks:
    • keep messages short
    • use short forms for days and months
    • don't use punctuation
    • include contact info

  4. Logos and graphics
    We don't allow graphics or logos on signs for community groups. This provides maximum space for your message, and allows Town staff to process requests more efficiently using a standard template.
  5. Acknowledgements*
    Please read and check to acknowledge.
  6. FOIP Notification:

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