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Light the Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge Application Form

  1. Local Cochrane not-for-profit community organizations are invited to submit an online application no fewer than three (3) weeks prior to the requested date and no more than six (6) months in advance of the date. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received and are considered on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria.
  2. Must support an event of national or international significance (such as Canada Day) or a local festival or event which positively impacts local community spirit.
  3. Raise awareness for a local, national or international issue that builds community (such as National Indigenous Day or End Bullying Pink Shirt Day).
  4. Tributes or memorial requests for well-documented local or national figures or service members.
  5. Applications must be made each year to be considered and are not automatically guaranteed to be approved again. Multi-day requests will not be accepted.
  6. Personal and individual requests for special days (birthdays, anniversaries and so on) will not be considered.
  7. I understand that the Town reserves the right to deny requests deemed to be divisive, inappropriate, offensive in nature or those supporting discrimination, prejudice, violence, hatred, political or commercial entities.*
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  9. Your organization's name will appear on the Community Recognition and Celebration calendar.

  10. Are you a Cochrane not-for-profit community organization?*
  11. Event Information
  12. This is what will appear on the Community Recognition and Celebration calendar. 

  13. Please indicate if the lighting is tied to a local event and include a link to your website if applicable.

  14. In the winter, The Bridge is lit every day from 6am until sunrise, and again from 10 minutes before sunset until midnight. In the spring and summer when the days are longer, it will be lit from 10 minutes before sunset until midnight, but not in the morning hours, as it is not dark enough for the lights to be clearly visible.

  15. Is this date the only acceptable option?*
  16. Bridge colours rotate every 15-20 minutes, displaying one colour at a time. 


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