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Book a Sports Facility

  1. Booking a Sports Field

    Interested in booking an outdoor sports facility in town? Complete the form below and we will reach out to confirm details and availability of your request. ** Fees apply.

    Diamonds and Fields:

    The Town of Cochrane has 11fields and 13 diamonds.. Equipment is NOT provided for these facilities ie: bases/bats/balls etc.

    Outside of league play these facilities are available for individual bookings.

    Pickleball/Tennis Courts:

    The Town of Cochrane has 4 Tennis courts and 4 pickleball courts available on a first come first served basis.

    Outside of club schedules, a one hour time slot may be booked on a court between 9am - 5pm Monday - Sunday and must be reserved a week in advance. Reservations are required to be submitted by Friday at 2pm for the next week. (Weeks are Monday - Sunday)

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