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Request a memorial bench or picnic table

  1. Benches and picnic tables are a great way to honour loved ones, families or groups.

    Members of the public can purchase furniture through the Town to create a memorial for a loved one or to honour a family or group; Town staff work with donors to finalize locations and then install and maintain these items for their expected lifespan. (Please note: memorial furniture is not available to honour pets.)

    Use this form to request a bench or picnic table and indicate your preferred location. Town Parks staff approve locations based on current furniture, public access, installation access, site considerations (slope, potential flood area etc.) and impacts on plants and wildlife. Installed furniture becomes property of the Town of Cochrane.

    Please note: Applications are accepted from January 1 to May 31 each year. A maximum of six pieces of furniture are installed each year.  Installation occurs late summer/ early fall. 

  2. Fee includes:
    • Furniture: bench or picnic table
    • Plaque (with or without photo)
    • 10-year guarantee of furniture maintenance and plaque replacement (and right of first refusal to renew once the furniture becomes unusable)
    • Installation
    • Receipt for tax deduction purposes
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