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Multi-unit Waste and Recyling materials order form

  1. Multi-unit recycling materials order form
    Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling Services wants to help your residents use your new recycling program properly. To help, we're proving educational materials and signs free of charge during program roll-out. Please review the options below and order the quantities you need to communicate with residents in your complex. Orders should be ready for pick-up in two weeks.
  2. Signs
    These signs are intended to be displayed near collection bins in your complex.
    Signs are 24x36 and printed on coreplast for sturdiness.
  3. poster - pet waste accepted
  4. poster - pet waste NOT accepted
  5. Order enough signs for your bin locations
  6. Order enough printed brochures to distribute to residents.
  7. Brochure - Organics
  8. Stickers are intended to be placed on or near organic bins to let residents know what materials are acceptable. Dimensions 18x24
  9. poster - pet waste accepted
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