Highway 1A/22 interchange


Alberta Transportation has committed to building a new interchange at Highway 1A and Highway 22 in Cochrane. Details on the Alberta Transportation project are available: Here


Nov 2021: With shovels anticipated to be in the ground in late spring of 2022, the Provincial Highway 1A and Highway 22 interchange project scope has expanded to include four lanes from the interchange project on Highway 22 to Sunset Boulevard. Following more than a year of meetings and correspondence with Alberta Transportation, the Town recently learned that the project scope now includes both project ‘gaps’ previously identified by the Town. Cumulatively, these gaps reflect an additional $20 million in transportation investment in our community, bringing the total project budget close to $80M. 

  • Gap one includes the stretch of Highway 1A from the Provincial interchange project to the Town of Cochrane Highway 1A improvements project. Gap two is an extension of Highway 22 twinning to Sunset Boulevard, allowing double the traffic volume turning left out of the Sunset neighbourhood.
  • Gap two funding includes a financial commitment from the Town of Cochrane and the private community developer. This includes an upgrade to the intersection at Highway 22 and Sunset Boulevard, funded by the developer through offsite levies. 

Oct 2021: As part of the interchange project, the Town of Cochrane is relocating some utilities within the project site. This work began in September 2021.  

The Town is also collaborating with Alberta Transportation to advance the construction of portions of the interchange ramps and detours that are within and adjacent to the Town’s work area. 

Motorists can anticipate minor traffic disruptions, as dirt is hauled away from the site. 

Alberta Transportation construction of the interchange is anticipated to begin in Spring 2022, contingent on land, permits, approvals and other required agreements being in place.

View a rendering of the interchange on Cochrane's traffic plan