Shared Electric Scooter (e-scooter) Pilot Project

Roll web banner

With the recent news of Canadian electronic scooter company, Roll, ceasing operations in Cochrane for the 2023 spring/summer season, Cochrane Administration is looking at ways to support the remainder of the ongoing two-year Electric Scooter Pilot Project. 

In 2021, as a part of the pilot project, Roll was awarded a permit to operate its electronic scooter and bike services in Cochrane, with the purpose of supporting Cochrane's environmental and transportation goals of limiting carbon emissions, reducing traffic congestion and minimizing transportation gaps. At no cost to Cochrane, a portion of the revenue generated from this partnership was provided back to Cochrane to support micro-mobility related projects, including building and maintaining protected bike lanes. 

 Currently, Cochrane intends to find a solution that will continue to support the pilot project until the program end. 

Further details will be provided when more information becomes available.