Highway 1A Improvements



The Highway 1A improvements Project is a long-awaited upgrade to the Highway 1A corridor through Cochrane from east of Centre Avenue to west of Fifth Avenue. The project includes: 

  • widening from two lanes to four lanes from east of Centre Avenue to west of Fifth Avenue
  • realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave
  • new access, parking and turning lanes for Sixth Ave W businesses
  • improved pedestrian network with a new sidewalk and a paved multi-use pathway


Widening highway 1A has long been a priority for both the Province and Town of Cochrane and is an important piece of Cochrane’s Traffic Plan. This project was approved in the fall of 2020, as Council recognized an opportunity to utilize Provincial grant funding to support these roadway improvements. 

When complete, it will provide a much-needed improvement to the highway corridor that is experiencing heavy congestion for both local and regional users. The project will also include additional pathways and crosswalks, ensuring a safer experience for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. 

View the full project on our interactive map built by Cochrane GIS


Highway 1A corridor through Cochrane from east of Centre Avenue to west of Fifth Avenue.



  • Construction begins: June 22, 2021 
  • Estimated completion: Fall 2022


Total project budget: $13.8m

  • $900,000: Engineering & Planning (2020) 
  • $8.6m: Complete highway transportation upgrades (2021)
  • $3.1m: Realignment of Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave (2021)
  • $885,000: Allowance for Town enhancements on highway transportation upgrades (2022)
  • $275,000: Additional construction and engineering (2022)

How is this project funded? 

  • $3.48m: Provincial grant (Municipal Stimulus Program grant)
  • $2.45m: Borrowing
  • $6.97m: Reserves 
  • $900,000: 2020 funding


Traffic on the hill and along Highway 1A continues to challenge our community. When complete, this work paves the way for streamlined traffic flow along Highway 1A and through the Highway 1A/22 interchange. 


This project supports Council's strategic priority of community connectivity, and specifically, advocating for Highway 1A improvements within the Town boundaries, including Centre Avenue and 5th Avenue intersections.

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