Historic Ranche and Glenbow Pathway Improvements

Active project
This project is anticipated to begin in 2024. 
Glenbow Park and Cochrane Ranche


This project will enable pathway improvements to Glenbow Park pathways as well as pathways in the Cochrane Ranche, providing safe and accessible connections through Cochrane, connecting Sunset, the Historic Ranche, Glenbow, and the Bow River. The project also includes wayfinding signage, maps and multimodal markers to ensure residents and visitors can easily navigate and explore our community. 


  • September 2023: This pathway was identified in the 2023 budget, with an intention to bring it forward for Council review and approval as part of the 2024 budget process later this fall.  
    To prepare for this budget request, our Parks team has been doing some work to understand what this project could look like. We marked trees to consider what trees may need to be removed from a safety perspective, and what trees would need to be removed to increase the size of the pathway. 
    We initially were considering widening the pathway to 4 meters. During the review, Adminstration recognized that to accommodate this, a significant number of trees would need to be removed. So Administration reconsidered the goals of this project and will be bringing forward a request to Council to pave the pathway and extend it to 3 meters. While some trees will still need to be removed, it significantly reduces the overall environmental impact. 
    Our parks, trails and green spaces remain a key priority for Council and Administration. In 2023, we have already planted 3,500 trees. 


In March 2022, Council endorsed an application for the Active Transportation Fund (ATF). Two funding streams were applied for, the Planning and Design Projects which supports funding of 100% up to $50,000 and the Capital Projects stream which supports funding up to 60%. 

How does this project benefit the community?

Increased community connectivity and care for our open spaces and natural areas.

Strategic alignment

This project supports the 2022-2025 Strategic priority of protecting, nurturing and enjoying our natural landscape, creating a vibrant and active community with connected neighbourhoods and bringing people together physically and socially.