Roads & Transportation

Cochrane maintains 300 kms of open road in the community and ensures they are maintained to minimize economic loss to the community, and prevent or reduce accident or injury by providing safe winter driving conditions.  

Roads also operates and maintains the storm sewer system, including approximately 108 kms of underground storm sewer main pipes, drainage swales systems, ditches, 9 stormwater facilities, outfalls, oil grit separators and wetland areas.    There are 149 kms of sidewalk in Cochrane that are assessed and managed by the Roads team along with 3 bridges, 506 metres of sound walls and 10 sets of traffic lights.  

2020 Roads Update

Water accumulation 

Some homes are located near a trap low, a device that controls water drainage from the street. For homes near trap lows, rainwater may accumulate on the road nearby, up to and sometimes including the driveway and a portion of the lawn. This is normal for areas with a trap low. The water should completely drain within 24 hours once the rain stops. Note: Information about the trap low may be on your property title.

If water has accumulated on the road near your house, on your driveway or front lawn, you may be located near a trap low. If it has not drained 24 hours after the rain stops, please contact Cochrane Operations at 403-851-2590.

More information about trap lows and why we use them: 

Trap Low Example

Trap Low Map

Traffic circles and roundabouts

Knowing the rules for roundabouts is the key to moving through them safely. As more roundabouts are used in our community (and around the province), it’s important that we all do our part.

How to use a roundabout

Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks

Enhanced pedestrian crosswalks use solar-powered flashing lights when in use, making them more visible and safer for pedestrians.  Cochrane currently has 34 enhanced crosswalks, with plans to complete three additional crosswalk enhancements per year. 

Note: Locations are subject to change based on budgets and emerging priorities.

To suggest a location for further consideration, contact Roads or call Operational Facilities at 403-851-2590.

What's included in evaluations?

To qualify for installation, a location must meet the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Pedestrian Control Guide and local crossing considerations. Evaluations check for proximity to schools/playgrounds and seniors’ facilities, pathway connections and any history of collisions.

Policies & procedures

Cochrane's policies and procedures are designed to provide maximum service on emergency routes (Fire, EMS, RCMP). They provide service to major arterial thoroughfares, and other selected streets comprising the basic network needed to move traffic in a safe and orderly way.

Traffic concerns

Roads FAQs

Winter Road FAQs

Flooded roads FAQs

Additional information

  • Highways: Alberta Transportation maintains Highways 1A and 22 through Volker Stevin 

    Volker Stevin 
  • Alleys: help us maintain your alleys by keeping them clear of debris, furniture, parked cars, trailers and carts 
  • Street lights: report a streetlight for repair through the Fortis Streetlight Form or call 310-WIRE (9473)

    Fortis Streetlight Form