Parks & Open Spaces


Parks crews are adjusting to the restrictions in place as part of the Town’s COVID-19 response: Staff numbers have been reduced and we’ve modified our maintenance priorities as a result. We’re still taking good care of Cochrane’s public spaces, but things may look a little different than they used to. Please be patient as we adjust and do our best to keep Cochrane safe and clean.

Cochrane proudly maintains approximately 9% of its land as parks and open spaces. Residents and visitors enjoy nearly three dozen parks (many with playgrounds), summer fishing in trout ponds, outdoor skating in winter, and over 70 kilometers of pathways all year round. Parks and Open Spaces also maintains three cemeteries, many sports fields and dog off-leash areas.


Our friends at Fish and Wildlife are hearing more and more reports about bears in residential neighbourhoods. With winter on the way, bears are looking for as much food as they can find before hibernation. We need to help bears NOT associate humans with with food — for our safety and theirs:

  • put waste, recycling and organics carts out in the morning, not the night before
  • keep compost indoors; outdoor compost attracts bears
  • remove bird feeders when bears are active (Apr 1-Nov 30); clean up any spilled bird seed
  • clean your barbecue: scrub after each use, store in a garage or shed
  • consider removing fruit trees and berry bushes; pick the ripening fruit as early as possible, store in secure, airtight containers
  • never leave food out for wildlife
  • let your neighbours know if you've seen a bear nearby; talk to them about being BearSmart at home
  • more advice from Fish and Wildlife: 403-932-2388

If you encounter a bear or other wildlife that may be a public safety concern, call the 24-hour Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.


Pathway update (June 27, 2019)

Recent storm damage may have created hazards on Cochrane’s paved and shale pathways; please report any concerns or hazards you see.

There are also unmaintained, unapproved trails on hillsides, river banks and in various open areas. These trails are not part of Cochrane’s pathway system and are not monitored. Use of these trails is not recommended at anytime — they are not maintained and may be unsafe. 

For your own safety, always obey barricades, stay well back from moving water, and do not use unmarked trails. Check for work updates:


Cochrane’s nine-hole disc golf course is now open in Riverfront Park.

Parks Maintenance Standards Update

Details and classification map coming soon. Please check back.

Off-leash dog parks

There are four off-leash parks in Town, totalling 6 hectares.

No gardening or other activity allowed on Town land

Cochrane takes pride in its parks, pathways and open spaces. No gardening or other activity is allowed on Town land unless authorized. This helps Town staff preserve the natural beauty, native elements and overall integrity of these areas. Property owners who appear to be gardening or otherwise encroaching on a Town park, pathway or open space will be required to remedy the situation at their own expense.

Not sure if you’re encroaching? If it’s outside your fence, it’s Town land.

Encroachment activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Planting/garden add-ons of any sort
  • Mowing/spraying/fertilizing grass
  • Dumping of organic & inorganic material
  • Erecting fences/rock walls etc.
  • Storage of vehicles/equipment    
  • Placement of composters/sheds/bird houses

Memorial/Dedication Benches and Picnic Tables

If you would like to honour a loved one, family or group with a bench or picnic table in a Town park, you can purchase a piece of park furniture and have it installed by Town of Cochrane Parks staff, complete with bronze plaque. Find out more or apply.

Department staff

The Parks and Open Spaces team is made up of nine staff members, with approximately 27 additional seasonal staff each summer.  We also partner with community volunteers and developers to establish and maintain new parks and public spaces